Week 5: August 22-26

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Happy Friday Families!

ASL 1: This week in class students practiced the Lesson 1, 2 and 3 stories as a review and also completed some receptive fingerspelling practice. They should have signed lesson 4 by the end of class today for full credit. Next week we will practice the Lesson 4 story for review and learn Lesson 5. By the end of Lesson 5 students will have learned approximately 100 signs! Wow, great job students!

ASL 2 : This week in class students completed country sentences 16-20 and Lesson 34. Next week students will complete country sentences 21-25 and Lesson 35. These students have come so far since last year and I am so very proud of them!

Spanish 1: This week in Spanish 1 students reviewed numbers and days of the week. They have learned songs for both and have learned phrases such as ¿Qué día es hoy? and Hoy es viernes. Days of the week in Spanish are not capitalized in Spanish, unlike days of the week in English. Students have also created a  quizlet for the new chapter. They should try to study their Quizlet for twenty minutes each day. We do this at least 2-3 times a week in class, but I would like to see them practice outside of class, as well, on the alternate days. Today we began working on subject pronouns in Spanish and we will continue our study of them next week, in addition to learning to use the ser verb with origin.

Spanish 2: This week in Spanish 2 students continued to work on Interrogatives and they had a Quizizz to test their knowledge on them. They also learned how to use the ir+a+infinitive form to talk about the near future. Students also read the En Contexto pages and En Vivo Dialogo pages of the chapter and answered comprehension questions for both. Next week we will be doing some whiteboard practice with interrogatives, present tense verbs and the ir+a+infinitive forms and we will learn some regular present tense verbs with irregular yo forms, as well as the verb oir. We will wrap up our chapter with a test next week too.