Week 33: April 19-22

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Hello Families,

I hope you all had a marvelous Easter! I enjoyed spending time with my family on Easter and riding my bike and swimming during the break.

ASL 2: This week in ASL 2 students are signing five sentences with Easter vocabulary in them and also are working on lesson 59. Next week students will complete lesson 60 and write five more country sentences with points of interest.

ASL 1: This week in ASL 1 students are also signing five sentences with Easter vocabulary and are working on lesson 29. Next week they will complete lesson 30 and do some receptive fingerspelling practice.

Spanish 2: This week in Spanish 2 the third hour class is learning about regular -AR, -ER and -IR verbs. We wrote sentences and practiced speaking with these verbs this week. Next week we will learn some of the irregular verbs in the preterite.

The 5th hour class is working on a special Donors Choose project with me. Earlier in the year we received some children’s books in Spanish and will be reading with our second grade buddies at the Recker Campus. We also received some student clocks and will be working with another second grade class to practice telling time in Spanish and our buddies will tell time in English. Fifth hour students should have a permission slip with them that needs to be signed and returned by no later than tomorrow, April 22nd. The trip is planned for Monday, April 25th during 5th and 6th hour. Students should pack a lunch or bring their lunch that was ordered through the school with them. Next week, we will also begin our study of the preterite tense with regular and irregular verbs.

Spanish 1: This week students have completed a Duolingo assignment and have also been working on their Storyboards on StoryboardThat.com. Their stories contain six different personal pronouns, six conjugated -AR verbs and six different adverbial phrases. Their Storyboards are due no later than tomorrow at the end of class. Next week we will be studying present tense verbs that end in -ER and -IR.

Have a great day!