Week 19- November 30th-December 4th

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Hello Parents and Students,

I am so glad to be back to school after quarantining. I missed all of the students and I prefer to be in school as I enjoy what I do and it provides a daily routine. As we approach the end of the semester I am encouraging students to make up any work that they have fallen behind in so they can finish strong. We did the following things this week in our classes:

ASL 1: This week we worked on the Lesson 12 vocabulary and objectives. This vocabulary included days of the week, time and habitual routines. We have been signing the practice sheets together with a partner to help us to use correct ASL sentence structure.

ASL 2: Students continued to work independently through lessons in ASL 2 of ASL University.

Spanish 1: Students are preparing to do a speaking presentation that uses the following verbs llamar (to call), tener (to have), ser (to be), vivir (to live), and gustar (to like). The presentation is to be memorized, but students are using slides with pictures to help them remember what to say.

Spanish 2: Students worked this week to learn preterite (past-tense) verbs that end in -car, -gar, -zar. They also reviewed preterite verbs ending in -ar, -er, and -ir. We also practiced writing sentences in the preterite with the theme of travel.

German 2 & Japanese 2: Students have been working dilligently to achieve their daily time of 40 mins. and many of them have moved to the next language level. I’m so very proud of these students.

Wishing you all well because our health is everything. Have a great weekend and spend some great time together playing. The family that plays together stays together. 🙂