Week 16: November 9-12

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Hello Parents,

Last week was a busy week, even though we only attended school for 4 days. The middle of the week break gave students and teachers a breather, and everyone came back and focused well on the work at hand.

  • In ASL 1 class students finished learning the Lesson 10 Vocabulary, took Vocabulary Practice Quiz 10 and should have signed story 10 for me. It was a fun story about pets!
  • In ASL 2 students completed Lesson 16, the Vocabulary Practice Quiz and signed the story for lesson 16. When a lesson does not have a story with it, students sign the practice sheet exercises for me. I have several students in the class that are ahead of the game and are already up to lesson 20, so kudos to those kiddos!
  • In Spanish 2 class we are learning the vocabulary associated with travel, so we have been studying the Learn portion of the Quizlets that we created. Students also have been practicing reading in Spanish with assigned roles, and then been working on their comprehension skills.
  • In Spanish 1 students learned the difference between characteristics and descriptions and learned Spanish words for each to increase our vocabulary and be able to describe ourselves and others. Students also learned the Gustar chant. Gustar means to like. We use it with clarifiers, indirect object pronouns and unconjugated verbs to express likes and dislikes. We will be practicing and extending on that skill this week.
  • German 2 and Japanese 2 students are rocking Rosetta Stone. I had some students that exceeded their time goals and did 113% to 124%! Way to go you guys and gals! I’m so proud of you!