Week 15: November 2-6

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Hello Parents,

What an exciting week this was since students had the opportunity to vote and monitor the San Tan results in real time in many of the classrooms! Students also participated in the Cultural Fair here at San Tan on Friday. They did a marvelous job presenting their projects! Those that did not present, got to go around and learn from others.

ASL 1- Students worked this week on lesson 9 in ASL University and learned vocabulary about where people live and parts of a house or apartment. Here were the words they learned and then used to sign a story.

DOOR-[Variations: open, open door, close door, closet] DRESSER
DRY-[Version: “dryer”]
WINDOW-[Variations open-window, close-window] YESTERDAY

ASL 2– This week we worked on lessons 15 and 16 in ASL University, unless your student was ahead of the others.

Spanish 1 – This week we learned The Estar Song and some of the other uses of the estar verb. It is my hopes that students get these songs stuck in their head and come home singing!  We learned the acronym PLACE to help us to remember that estar can be used for Position, Location, Actions, Conditions, and Emotions. We also began work on the ser verb. Both estar and ser mean “to be,” but each is used differently. We have been taking notes in our interactive notebooks and applying what we learn through various activities.

Spanish 2- This week we created word charts to hang in the room for our new vocabulary words and students are beginning to learn the preterite (past tense) in Spanish. The words from Unidad 1 Etapa 1 are related to travel.

German and Japanese- Students worked to achieve 160 minutes in Rosetta Stone this week.