Week 14: October 26-October 30

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Dear Parents,

This week was a great opportunity for my Spanish classes to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is a time honored tradition of honoring one’s ancestors by setting up an ofrenda with their pictures, candles and favorite foods. In Spanish 1 & 2 we completed a packet for the movie Coco, learned vocabulary related to Dia de los Muertos and watched the movie Coco on Thursday and Friday. My third hour class also participated in a Door Decorating Contest for Red Ribbon Week and we won 1st place! Some students from 5th and 7th hour also helped out with the project by coloring alebrijes (spirit animals). We integrated both Red Ribbon Week and Dia de los Muertos into our door decoration theme. During Red Ribbon Week, all of the students in the school and online made either a red ribbon or a red handprint and made a commitment to say no to drugs.

The German and Japanese classes continue to work diligently on Rosetta Stone to achieve 40 minutes per day of activity. I am encouraging them to work for 20 mins. then take a short 5-10 min. break, then return to their work to finish it up. They can walk down the hall or exercise in the classroom during their break to get their heart rate and blood flowing. Brain breaks are great!
The ASL 1 Class completed lesson 8 this week and students had to assign the accompaning story and complete the vocabulary practice quiz for that lesson. Objectives and vocabulary for each lesson are posted in their Google Classroom. Feel free to have them share the new vocabulary that they have learned with you.
The ASL 2 class is also continuing to press through 2 lessons per week and is doing an amazing job. After completing study for each lesson they must sign the story that goes with the lesson and complete a vocabulary practice quiz.