Welcome back San Tan Students and Parents!

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Welcome back San Tan Students and Parents!

I am so excited to be back in school and even more excited that we are all in-person this year! This week, all of students in my classes should have received a syllabus with information on required course materials, course requirements, grading procedure, grading scale, late and missing assignment policy and other important information. We went over this information in class on Wednesday and students were required to sign the syllabus, then take it home for parent review and signature. It was due today in class and is the first assignment going into the gradebook. Students who changed their schedules, or enrolled today will need to read the syllabus and sign it, as well as get a parent signature by tomorrow. Parents please familiarize yourself with all of my grading policies, including late work and missing assignments so that you know what to expect and how to best help your child to be successful. Tomorrow we will be completing a Kahoot about the syllabus and then take a quiz about the syllabus for a grade.

ASL 1: Today, if students had their computers, they logged into the Google Classroom. This is where all objectives, vocabulary and vocabulary practice quizzes will be posted. The curriculum for this class can be accessed in a link in the Google Classroom, but I am also posting it here, so that you may familiarize yourself with it. The curriculum is through ASL University/Lifeprint which is a free curriculum that was designed by Dr. Bill Vicars, who had a vision to share sign language with the world. Here is the link to the curriculum, should you like to join your child in learning too.


By the end of each week students will need to take a vocabulary practice quiz for the lesson that week, submit a screenshot of their results to the Google Classroom and will need to sign sets of practice sentences for me, as their test. Today we started learning how to fingerspell and will practice this concept again next week, as well as learning to sign numbers 1-10. By the end of next week students should know how to sign all of the letters the alphabet.

ASL 2: Today students logged into their Google Classroom and used the link provided to log into their curriculum. The link is provided above, in case you would like to review it, or join your student in learning. We reviewed using practice sentences from the curriculum today and students were able to ask their partners for assistance with words that they had forgotten. We also completed some receptive signing within the curriculum.

Spanish 1: Many new students joined Spanish 1 today and we spent our time joining the Google Classroom and also joining Duolingo. Students will be required to complete assignments in Duolingo 2-3 times each week. Those students who have not received their computers yet will need to have them by no later than Monday, but tomorrow if possible, so they may begin their work.

Spanish 2: Today in Spanish 2 students logged into their Google classrooms and into Duolingo if they had their computers. Students will be required to complete assignments in Duolingo 2-3 times each week. We also played a review game called Panal de Miel in which students tested their knowledge of subject pronouns against another student. I received lots of positive feedback from students saying that this was fun and helpful.

Parents, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me to educate your child. I appreciate all that you do to help them to be successful. If you have not already done so, please sign up for Parent notifications in Infinite Campus so you can receive alerts for missing work, low grades and absences for your child. Have a great rest of the week!


Ms. Hirepan