Week 7: Sept. 7-10

 In ASL I, ASL II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Hello Parents and Students,

I hope that his post finds you all happy and well. I am excited because my second grandchild came into the world today! Both mom and baby are healthy and we can’t wait to meet her! Grand childeren are amazing!

ASL 1: In ASL 1 this week students practiced their fingerspelling face-to-face with other students. The theme this week was things associated with Disney. Students also should have signed Lesson 5 today. If they did not, they will be signing it for me on Monday.

ASL 2: In ASL 2 this week students signed sentences, with points of interest included, for the states of Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. I always ask them which point of interest they would like to go to most out of the five. I’m preparing them for their senior trips!

Spanish 1: This week in Spanish 1 we took an exam over our last chapter. I was pleased with the scores and will do an item analysis next week with students to go over the questions that they had the most difficulty with. Students also created a Quizlet for the new chapter. Next week we will create a word wall for our new words, describe people using subject pronouns and the ser verb and learn to talk about things we like to do with the gustar verb. We will aslo learn a song for the gustar verb.

Spanish 2: This week we created a new Quizlet for the next chapter and have been studying it dilligently as well as doing whiteboard practice on sentence with conjugated verbs ending in -ar, -er and -ir. Today students practiced the verb conjugations on Quizizz. Next week we will be completing a packet to hone this skill and we will learn to use ir + a + infinitive. An infinitive is an unconjugated verb. Used with the ir verb, we can say what we are going to do ie. Voy a cantar (I am going to sing).

Have a great weekend everyone!.