Week 5: August 23-27

 In ASL I, ASL II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Happy Friday Parents and Students!

ASL1: This week in ASL 1 students were responsible for signing the practice sentences for Lesson 3. Thirteen students were tested over their lesson today and the rest will be testing on Monday. The students are working hard to remember not only the signs for the words, but to also include correct facial expression (non-manual markers) such as raised eyebrows on questions that have a yes/no answer and furrowed eyebrows for the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions. Students also completed receptive fingerspelling practice this week and practiced fingerspelling words associated with the topic fun places to go.

ASL2: This week in ASL 2 students signed the lesson 33 practice sentences and also five sentences about the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas and California and points of interest that they would like to visit in each state. We also watched a top stories news clip this week in sign language and briefly talked about a future storytelling project for ASL. Next week they will study lesson 34 and write sentences for Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, and Georgia.

Spanish 1: This week in Spanish 1 we took notes on using the ser verb (to be) with origen and also learned how to conjugate it. We reviewed the “Ser Song” and also learned a new song called “De Dónde Es” which will help students remember how to tell where they are from and how to ask where someone else is from. Both songs have very catchy tunes and I’m hoping that the songs get stuck in their heads! LOL! lParents, please feel free to have your student teach you the songs. Next week we will learn numbers from 1-20 in Spanish and how to state our phone numbers, learn the days of the week and how to ask which day it is and learn useful phrases in the classroom like “Saquen un lapiz” (take out a pencil).

Spanish 2: This week in Spanish 2 we finished our study of interrogative words and phrases and wrapped up the chapter that we’ve been studying with a test. We also put some time into Duolingo and practiced grammar concepts within the Quizizz program and outside with sidewalk chalk. Next week we will begin our new chapter with the objectives of being able to discuss plans in Spanish, sequence events, and talk about places and people we know. We will spend the next four weeks on these objectives in addition to reviewing how to conjugate -ar verbs, and learning how to conjugate -er, -ir verbs. We will also be learning how to use the formula ir + a + infinitive to say what we are going to do and learn some regular present tense verbs with an irregular yo form.

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope to see you at tonight’s football game. Gates open at 6 p.m. and the culinary department is serving street tacos for a very reasonable price. The game starts at 7 p.m. and is a “white-out.” Go San Tan!