Week 4: August 16-19

 In ASL I, ASL II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Hello Parents and Students,

This week we have found the rhythm. Students have been working hard in their classes and I could not be prouder!

ASL 1: This week students had receptive fingerspelling practice and completed Lesson 2 in ASL University. Many students are already signing quite fluently and using excellent facial expressions as they sign. Next week we will begin Lesson 3 and have an assignment on Deaf culture.

ASL 2: This week students completed lesson 32 and should have signed the lesson for me. If they have not yet signed the lesson and you see it as missing in the gradebook, please encourage them to study over the weekend as it needs to be signed ASAP. Each week we move to a new lesson with new vocabulary and practice sentences. Next week we will be studying lesson 33. We will also be learning 5 states each week and points of interest for those states. Students will then need to sign 5 sentences about the state and sign the point of interest that they would like to visit. Over the next 10 weeks, we will learn all 50 state signs.

Spanish 1: This week in Spanish 1 students learned the subject pronouns in Spanish. There is a song that they learned to help them with this. Please ask them to sing it for you at home. It is in the Google Classroom, if you would like to sing along with them. Students also worked on 2 Duolingo assignments and studied their Quizlet that they created for the Chapter. We had a vocabulary quiz today after playing Quizlet Live. Next week, we will learn the ser (to be) verb in order to say where we are from and where others are from. There are two songs that students will learn next week that will help them with this concept, after they have taken some notes. We will also use whiteboards on Wednesday to assist us in our endeavors. We will also begin learning our numbers in Spanish.

Spanish 2: This week in Spanish 2 students learned to use interrogative words in sentences. They learned to distinguish between the singular and plural forms of which (cuál; cuáles) and quién(es). They also learned which verbs typically go with these words. It has been a challenge for them to write the questions that go with specific sentences that answer the questions. Next week we will take a Quizizz on this concept for a grade. Today we took a vocabulary quiz on the chapter and will be doing some listening exercises and whiteboarding too. We will also be reading about schedules in Spanish and sharing our own schedule with others.

Wishing you all a great weekend!