Week 4: August 15-19

 In ASL I, ASL II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Hello Families. How are you all doing?

ASL 1: This week in ASL 1 students practiced fingerspelling with the topic of words related to Disney. They also practiced signing the sentences for Lesson 3 which should be signed no later than Friday for full credit. Next week we will complete Lesson 4.

ASL 2: This week in ASL 2 students completed country sentences 11-15 and also learned the new vocabulary for lesson 33. Many have already signed their lesson early, so kudos to those students. They know who they are. Next week we will complete more country sentences and work on Lesson 34. Feel free to ask your child about the new country signs they learned. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to go somewhere far away for their senior trip! LOL!

Spanish 1: This week in Spanish 1 students took notes on introductions in Spanish and they practiced introducing themselves in Spanish. They also completed a Duolingo assignment, a Quizlet Checkpoint which measures the progress of the class on their vocabulary and took notes on numbers. Students are learning a song to help them remember numbers 1-20 in Spanish. I am hoping that it gets stuck in their heads like commercial jingles. Next week they will learn personal pronouns and how to use the tener verb with age.

Spanish 2: This week in Spanish 2 students took more notes on Interrogative words and learned 22 Fun Facts about Argentina. They also completed a Quizlet Checkpoint which measures their progress as a class on vocabulary. Tomorrow we will be writing our own Interrogative sentences which we will use to interview others in our class. Next week in class be looking at regular present tense verbs with irregular yo forms (also called go verbs) and the verb oir which means to hear. We will also be completing reading comprehension practice and learn about El Zócalo: centro de Mexico.

Have a great rest of the week!