Week 30: March 28- April 1

 In ASL I, ASL II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Welcome back from Spring Break Families! I hope you all got a lot of quality time with each other and that you had a fun and safe break. I took a staycation and had lots of quality time with my family outdoors, playing games and resting, reading and refreshing.

ASL 2: This week in class students composed and signed sentences with points of interest for the Central African Republic, Chad, China, Comoros and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They also worked on lesson 56 which mostly had review words and just a few new words. Next week they will work on more country sentences and lesson 57.

ASL 1: This week in class students created five sentences about what they did over the break. They also worked on lesson 26. Next week they will work on receptive fingerspelling practice and lesson 27.

Spanish 2: This week in class we have been working on the Present Progressive to tell what we are doing in the moment. To use the Present Progressive one has to use the conjugated estar verb and an infinitive that drops the ending and adds a different ending. For example, “I am lifting weights” would be, “Yo estoy levantando pesas.” Students are currently completing whiteboard practice on this concept and will create their own videos to show mastery of the concept.

Spanish 1: This week in class students completed Duolingo Practice, Quizlet Vocabulary Practice and learned a new song called “Yo tengo lo que necesito.” The song has vocabulary that we are using in the current chapter and I am hoping that the song gets stuck in students’ heads. We will be taking notes on conjugating present tense -AR verbs today and will begin to do some word work tomorrow related to that concept, as well as play Quizlet Live! Next week we will work on a packet for practice conjugating -AR verbs.

Have a great rest of the work week and weekend!