Week 21: December 14-18

 In German II/Japanese II, Sign Language I, Sign Language II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Yay we made it! All students survived their finals!

ASL1 & 2: This week in both classes students took their finals. For their final students had to pick from 3 random practice sheets, with 5 sentences each, and choose one to sign. Students did an amazing job and I am so proud of them for all they have accomplished this semester. Today, we also worked in small breakout groups in Google Meet to learn to sign Christmas songs. I saw a lot of smiles and enjoyed watching students present their songs in small groups!

Spanish 1: Students completed their Speaking Presentations called Sobre a Mí, which we have been preparing for since December 1st. Their grades for this included a slideshow with pictures to prompt them for their presentation, 10 sentences they had to memorize about themselves, and the actual speaking presentation performed in front of the class. I´m proud of the presentations that I saw and am proud to say that no students died on my watch during their presentation, though many of them were nervous. Do you remember doing presentations in high school? I shared my experience with students and reminded them that they will get better with practice and feel more comfortable with this as time goes on. Great preparation equals a great presentation.

Spanish 2: Students completed their Final via Google Quiz on Monday and Tuesday. This was challenging as they had to remember how to conjugate regular -AR, -ER, -Ir ending verbs and those crazy irregular verbs. They also had to remember the vocabulary they had learned this semester as well as some things they had learned about Spanish culture. On Wednesday and Thursday, students created new Quizlets for the upcoming chapter and practiced the words on them. The learn portion of the Quizlet they create tells them how many words they have familiarized themselves with and how many they have mastered. Friday we some Christmas carols together in Spanish.

German 2 & Japanese 2: These classes also had a Speaking Presentation Final to complete in which they told about themselves, their family members and their likes and dislikes. They were amazing! They also completed 30 mins. per day of Rosetta Stone on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wishing all of you a lovely holiday season with your family. Stay safe and well.