Week 2: August 2-6

 In ASL I, ASL II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Hello Students and Parents,

Hope you had a great second week of school and that you have found your ryhthm! This week was an exciting week of learning!

ASL 1: This week in ASL 1 we continued to practice fingerspelling and learned numbers 1-10 in sign language. On Thursday we began Lesson 1 in ASL University/Lifeprint. Students are learning quickly and have been very focused. We also created a class slideshow so I can get to know students better and took a syllabus quiz on Monday. Next week we will continue Lesson 1. By the end of the week students will be required to sign the Practice Sentences for me for a grade and will need to take a Vocabulary Practice Quiz.

ASL 2: This week students were very focused in an intense review of Lessons 1-30 of ASL University/Lifeprint. Next week we will begin Lesson 31. By the end of the week, students should be able to sign the practice sheets that accompany Lesson 31 for a grade and take a Vocabulary Practice Quiz.

Spanish 1: This week Spanish 1 students created a class slideshow to help me get to know them better. They also created flashcards on Quizlet and are using these to practice their vocabulary in several different modes. Next week we will be learning the Spanish Alphabet, learning about Spanish speaking countries, how to say where they are from, numbers 1-10 and useful classroom phrases. We have already learned how to greet each other and take leave in Spanish.

Spanish 2: This week in Spanish 2 we continued working on our vocabulary for the most recent unit, created a class slideshow, learned how to say where we are going using the verb ir, and we reviewed telling time. Next week we will delve deeper into telling time using the word menos (minus), learn how to talk about our daily schedules, describe location with the verb estar and use Interrogative Words to ask questions in Spanish.

Wishing you all a great weekend everyone!