Week 13: October 19-23

 In German II/Japanese II, Sign Language I, Sign Language II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Hello Parents and Students! Thank you for all of the support and encouragement that you have been giving to one another in order to negotiate the new challenges of online/in-person learning. Each day offers new learning opportunities for students, parents and teachers. While I have previously sent my weekly e-mails through Infinite Campus, from here on out they will be on my teacher website.

ASL I- This week we have been learning the vocabulary for lesson 7 and students signed story 7 for me and completed the vocabulary practice quiz. We also worked on receptive fingerspelling and number practice and we practiced signing our numbers. Students who finished early got to play Go Fish in ASL!

ASL II– Students have been pacing themselves so that a majority of the class finished signing Story 14. I also have some students working at an accelerated pace.

Spanish I– We worked on personal pronouns this week and also learned to use them with the estar verb. There is a song for practicing the personal pronouns and a song for practicing the estar verb conjugations in the Google Classroom. Students had a 150XP (15 mins. x 5 days) bellwork requirement for Duolingo this week. We also played Quizlet Live today to practice the Unidad 1 Etapa 1 vocabulary. Students should be practicing their quizlet for at least 20 minutes daily to help them to master the words.

Spanish II– This week we reviewed the formula of Clarifier + Indirect Object Pronoun + Gusta + Infinitive in order to be able to say what we like to do and what is pleasing to us. We also took an exam on the Etapa Preliminar. Today we started a Write/Draw assignment for the Unidad 1 Etapa 1 Vocabulary. Connecting a picture to a vocabulary word is a great way to remember each word or phrase.

German II and Japanese II– Students have been working diligently to achieve their goal of 40 mins. per day on Rosetta Stone. Many students have exceeded this goal and been given extra credit points. It is amazing to hear them speak in their target language.

I had so much fun attending the Homecoming football game this past weekend! We have some amazing athletes at our school and Student Council did an amazing job of decorating the school and making Spirit Week an amazing week. I also had an opportunity on Saturday to cheer on the Girl’s Varsity Volleyball team. It is great to watch students excel outside of the classroom, as well as, inside the classroom!

Click here to see our mascot and Cheer Team in action!