Week 6: August 28-September 1

 In ASL I, ASL II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Hello Families. Happy September.

On Saturday, October 21st we are pleased to announce our Electives Showcase! This is an evening event that is listed in the syllabus for each electives class. Students in the Spanish classes will be singing, dancing and setting up a photo booth. ASL students will be signing some songs. and the students in dance, yoga and choir will also be performing. Miss Tomasek’s students will be displaying their amazing artwork and Mr. Ramos will be leading his advanced culinary and bakery students in providing world class hors d’ oeuvres! This is a marvelous opportunity to witness first hand what your child is learning in the classroom and see the progress that they are making this year. Preparation and learning for the Electives Showcase is tied to the curriculum being taught in class and to the World Language Standards. As this is performance based students are required to attend. Again, think Family Fun Night! The fun will begin at 5:45 pm with hors d’ oeuvres and interactive entertainment (statuettes, photo booth, mariachi music, small groups etc.) and then the program will begin at 6:45 p.m.

ASL 1: This week in class students took a look at the signing of the National Anthem and completed fingerspelling practice related to a visit to the zoo. They also completed Lesson 4 in ASL University. Next week they will complete lesson 5 and practice signing the National Anthem in preparation for the Electives Showcase on Oct. 21st.

ASL 2: This week in class students completed Country Sentences and Lesson 35 in ASL University. They also practiced signing A Million Dreams which they will be performing for the Electives Showcase on October 21st. Next week they will continue practice on A Million Dreams and complete Lesson 36 in ASL University.

Spanish 1: This week in class students learned about subject pronouns which are critical in the formation of sentences and conjugation of verbs. They also created a Quizlet for the new chapter, Duolingo and Salsa Dancing in preparation for the Electives Showcase on October 21st. Next week, they will do more Salsa Dancing, learn the ser verb and study Quizlet and Duolingo.

Spanish 2: This week in class students completed a Quizlet for the new chapter vocabulary words, a vocabulary in context partner activity, and a reading dialog with roles. They also began to learn the song Un Año by Sebastian Yatra which they will be singing for the Electives Showcase on October 21st. Next week they will continue practice on Un Año, learn how to conjugate Go-Yo verbs and learn Prepositional Phrases to describe location.

Many students are feeling the pressure of qualifying for sports eligibility at this time and teachers are feeling pressured by this as well. Please be kind to teachers if there are questions about student grades. Teachers are carrying heavy class loads and are doing the very best that they can. It takes a while for middle schoolers to adjust to high school expectations and to learn appropriate behavior in the classroom. Freshmen boys can be particularly challenging. If you have one at home, multiply that by about 20-25 at a time and you will better understand what the teacher is going through in a class period. A students behavior and attention can affect their grades. If your child has a lower grade than you anticipated please check with their teacher to see if their behavior has been and issue and help them to study more at home via their Google Classroom where materials are provided (including the textbook pages), curriculum and teaching videos 24/7.

Have a great 3 day weekend.