Week 11: October 16-20

 In ASL I, ASL II, Spanish I, Spanish II

Hello Families. This has been an exciting week as students have been working hard in preparation for the Electives Showcase! All Spanish 1 & 2 students and ASL 1 & 2 students will need to arrive at 3 p.m Saturday, October 21st for their final dress rehearsal for the Showcase. There will be a sign-in sheet to record student attendance that night and students should check in with Mrs. Gray upon arrival to make sure they are properly signed in. Student attire should black pants and black shirts, with red accents and of course be school dress code appropriate. Ladies may wear black skirts or dresses with red accents, again school appropriate.


On Saturday, October 21st we are pleased to announce our Electives Showcase! This is an evening event that is listed in the syllabus for each electives class. Students in the Spanish classes will be singing, dancing and setting up a photo booth. ASL students will be signing some songs. and the students in dance, yoga and choir will also be performing. Miss Tomasek’s students will be displaying their amazing artwork and Mr. Ramos will be leading his advanced culinary and bakery students in providing world class hors d’ oeuvres! This is a marvelous opportunity to witness first hand what your child is learning in the classroom and see the progress that they are making this year. Preparation and learning for the Electives Showcase is tied to the curriculum being taught in class and to the World Language Standards. As this is performance based students are required to attend. Again, think Family Fun Night! The fun will begin at 5:45 pm with hors d’ oeuvres and interactive entertainment (statuettes, photo booth, mariachi music, small groups etc.) and then the program will begin at 6:45 p.m. See the formstack below for purchasing your tickets.


ASL 1: This week in class students practiced the National Anthem in the classroom and in the green gym. Special thanks to student leader Lexi Ortiz who will be leading the ASL 1 class in the signing of the National Anthem during the Showcase and has also helped in rehearsals!  You are amazing, Lexi! They also worked on Lesson 8 which they will be signing tomorrow (for extra credit) or on Monday and Tuesday (for regular credit).

ASL 2: This week in class students practiced A Million Dreams in the classroom and in the green gym. Special thanks to Luna Deason for leading us out in practice and to Sophia Weller who will be leading us during the Showcase. You all are awesome! They also worked on Lesson 40 which they will sign tomorrow (for extra credit) or on Monday (for regular credit).

Spanish 1: This week in class students have been painting their Alebrijes and adding patterns to them. They have also been practicing the Salsa and the Mexican Hat dance. Thanks students for your hard work!

Spanish 2: This week in class students have been painting their skulls and practicing their song Un Año for the Electives Showcase. Students need to have the song memorized by the Showcase as this will help them to be on point with the quick moving lyrics. Please feel free to test your student at home as this will help. Thanks parents. You play an integral part in your students education and your support is so very much appreciated.

Have a great evening everyone!